Best of the Southeast:
Travel like a local

You don’t want to travel like a tourist.
You’re looking for hidden gems.
Where do the locals eat, drink, play,
relax, shop and discover? Find out in
our latest guide to the Best of the Southeast.

Dear Readers,
When I have guests, especially first-time Atlanta visitors, I encourage them to go to some of our must-see attractions like Stone Mountain, the Georgia Aquarium and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. But I also urge them to eat at Marietta Diner, shop at the DeKalb Farmers Market or grab a beer at Manuel’s Tavern. I urge them to experience metro Atlanta like a local.

In this special section, our annual celebration of the best of the Southeast, we present destinations that fly a little under the radar. They are hidden gems that can give you a new perspective on a familiar locale, or entice you to go somewhere new.

Sure, you’ve probably been to Panama City Beach. But have you considered glamping there? Do you know where you can get a great bowl of pho in Nashville? Have you heard about the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Ala.? It’s probably the only place in the world where you can buy a wedding dress and a tuba at the same time.

And even though we produce this section only once a year, we’re always thinking of new ways to cover destinations in Georgia and the other seven states in our region. On, you’ll find an in-depth look at Georgia’s barrier islands and a collection of stories we call the “city-you-don’t-know” series. Those stories highlight the unexpected in cities we’re all familiar with. Theater in Charleston? Moonshine in Gatlinburg? Who knew?

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We hope you’ll follow our coverage online and in the newspaper in Sunday’s Living & Arts section. And hold onto this edition of Best of the Southeast for when you’re ready to plan your next adventure.

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Kevin G. Riley